Top Gun Maverick : Back like a DC-8

By Aaron Callaghan

Sequels rarely live up to the expectations thrust upon them by their predecessor.

In fact you can count the number of great movie sequels on one hand. Just like sporting teams who are looking to repeat a championship performance the following year, its just difficult to replicate, as such back to back champions are like good movie sequels.

For anyone who came of age in the late 80's and the 90's Top Gun starring Tom Cruise is a staple of your top 50 movies, probably not as a cinematic masterpiece but rather as a damn good re-watchable. Top Gun has enjoyed a great re-run on TV throughout the years.

Tom Cruise as Maverick will fly again as a 2020 release date has been announced for Top Gun 2 and The Unsportsmen is here to break down the trailer.


Always leave them wanting more.

The trailer gives nothing away but we can glean a few key points;

  • Tom Cruise has obviously discovered the fountain of youth on planet Teegeeack as L Ron Hubbard said they would. Cruise looks 18 again.

  • Extended fighter jet stunt scenes are just fucking cool to watch.

  • Maverick is still a loose cannon.

  • Fighter pilots are still cool, still go to military bars and sweep women off their feet. An iconic scene.

We have a lot of big questions like who are the pilots going to get into a stoush with? The Chinese? The Iranians? I would like to see the film makers bring back the Russians like its 1988 again, except this time Maverick has to stop them rigging a US Federal Election.