Opinion: Lote Tuqiri was completely out of line

OPINION by Tom Atkinson

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Ben Barba's recent actions in the alleged domestic violence incident are indefensible.

That is, one cannot defend those actions, nor feel sorry for a guy who has multiple chances. This is also a serious problem in this country and to feel any sympathy for Barba and his career is a slap in the face for any human being who has suffered from domestic violence.


Yet here we are with Lote Tiquiri's twitter account, mounting the defence case for Barba on the grounds that Barba cannot play the sport he loves anymore. Tuqiri lamenting that Barba has been de-registered by the NRL and rightly shoved out the nearest exit. You heard that correctly, woe is Barba for losing his already unstable career for hurling rocks at his partner in a casino car park.

The Unsportsmen say good riddance to bad rubbish. As for Lote, well I guess he doesn't agree. As a player himself was given a lifeline or two to continue his during his duel code career and perhaps perspective is everything with that regard.

Look around Lote, read the room. If you see a mirror in that room have a deep gaze into that as well. We, The Unsportsmen are all for being contrarian, what we say is not alway popular but in this case you surely cannot side with Barba on any level.

Twitter's gift and its curse is that it gives everyone an outlet for their opinion and a right of reply, so I'll leave some parting wisdom with words that Steve Smith should've uttered to David Warner in Cape Town.

Throw that shit in the bin Lote and keep your trash opinions to yourself.  

UPDATE: A mere 16 hours after his initial tweet Lote attempted to walk back his initial tweet. Too little too late. Again zero regard for the victim.