Thursday Column: See you all in Hell

Opinion by Aaron Callaghan


In the space of a week Israel Folau has gone from being lauded, for breaking Doug Howlett’s Super Rugby try scoring record, fittingly the record breaking try was a high kick to an isolated (purposely isolated) Folau to out-jump his opposing winger - now to the dog house for littering social media with anti-gay commentary.

Rugby Australia chose in late 2018 not to sanction Folau for anti-gay comments but may be forced to this time. Folau’s comments are highly visible and such the conversation on social media is very clear on the issue and consequently he is being tried and convicted in the court of public opinion - Rugby Australia must take action again Folau for his comments. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and religious beliefs however rugby is an inclusive game for all to play, new and existing players and fans shouldn’t feel fear or angst in coming to play and watch rugby.

Rugby in Australia currently has a vexed fan base, the game isn’t growing and sentiment among the wider sporting community is not good. Take a hard stance against Israel Folau and sanction him until he stops the public commentary on his own exclusive and narrow-minded beliefs.

Qantas Airlines CEO Alen Joyce is openly gay and Qantas do and should have every right to pack up their lucrative Wallabies sponsorship and walk away. 

No player is bigger than the game. Despite how pivotal his aerial expertise will be in world cup crunch time. Please for the sake of the Wallabies and of the wider sporting community and society, Israel, please delete the Instagram app off your phone.

Now it is time to look at Vaccines.

First of all I’m not here to force my opinion down anyone’s throat, please tread your own path; However when was the last time you heard someone die of polio in the first world?

Vaccines work. Polio is preventable. Argument done. Unless …

You watch one documentary and dive right into blind faith, you then begin to implore others to do their own research.

"No, no, just watch these YouTube documentaries bro, look in to it."

Anthony Mundine joins a growing list of 'anti-vaxxers' with a seemingly tenuous grip on reality.

Even if you are convinced vaccines are a governmental means of mind control to force subservience - isn't that still better on some level than milaria or smallpox? 

Oooof. I can't believe I just typed that sentence out.  

Moreover when did ‘Do your research’ become the tag line in pseudo-intellectual debate. ‘Do your research’ convinces no one of your case. Maybe you should do your research - hit or go to the library and drag out some peer reviewed scientific essays, just a thought.

Mundine later clarified, sort of, his initial statement.

Someone remind me again is it the year 1719 or 2019?