Opinion: Gus is Penrith

By Aaron Callaghan

The Unsportsmen have no reporting, this is entirely based in opinion from a long way away from the situation.

This week in rugby league Phil Gould moved on after seven years serving as general manager of Penrith Panthers football club. Off-field dramas aside the club is in a great position financially and their premiership window is still open.

For all the things said about Gus over the years one would be hard pressed to find anything negative about his love for the game, his tireless passionate work for Penrith, the Roosters, Canterbury and NSW Blues and his playing days including Newtown, almost all negative thoughts stemming from commentators, pundits and Facebook comments heroes is with regard to his commentary, which admittedly is grating. God knows I've taken aim at Gus on our podcast, it happens, nothing personal Gus, it's just hard to hear your monologues even though they come from the heart.

In between packing up his cubicle at Panthers headquarters Gould told reporter Danny Weidler that his (Gould's) job is redundant and with this comment its plain for all to see - Gould will not entertain a power struggle battle with coach Cleary and chairman David O’Neil. Gould's position as general manager of football operations is not redundant, rather O’Neil, Cleary and his staff are there to take over.

The Penrith Panthers conglomerate including the football club were dangerously close to closing the doors in 2011 when Gould came back to the club he called in help from friends with deep pockets, James Packer who bailed Panthers out.


Rugby League owes a lot to Phil Gould and he will probably never get back out what he puts in or maybe he’s just content seeing the game he’s loved since a child come so far.

The Panthers lose a great servant of the club and the game. Gould's football administration career probably isn't over and his commentary career is ramping back up given his schedule just cleared up.

Are the Panthers better off without Gould? Leave a comment start the conversation.

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