Lighting money on fire

By Aaron Callaghan


Mug … Nuffie … Nufty.

Whatever moniker you choose - my money would stop a train. In the midst of a horror sports gambling run I turned to an old faithful, the worst league in the world to gamble on - the NBA.

I was desperate.

I placed two multi-bets. The Golden State Warriors have four all stars, they were playing at home, yeah they were short, who cares - throwing them in your multi is like money for old rope.

I was wrong.

Betrayed at Oracle Arena by four all stars and handy role players on favourable contracts looking to chase championship rings playing against the upstart Los Angeles Clippers with less than xero play off credibility and their only scoring punch are two bench guys who double as turnstile operators on defence. How could they lose at home? Again, money for old rope.

Well Golden State lost twice. In Oracle Arena. To the Clippers and subsequently blew my multi-bets into the stratosphere, I’m only a small time gambler who enjoys the challenge but sometimes you have to wonder which gambling god you pissed off when a $1.07 moral gets beat at home.

If you’ve got any good bets reach out in the comments. I need help.

Reader of the blog Scott A, reckons his best bet of the weekend is the Liverpool Reds to score in the first 18 minutes versus lowly, awful Huddersfield, he assures me he got $1.90 and is already counting the cash.

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