Florin Pavel : The hero we don't deserve

Hero is a strong label to place on someone but Florin Pavel is the man all grade cricketers and people should look up to.


Pavel is the Cluj cricket club president and a player, with regard to his bowling, Pavel said

"My bowling is not beautiful. But I don't care, because I love cricket".

Isn't that an admirable mindset to have. I truly wish I shared I shared his enthusiasm for club cricket, maybe I could get on board with 10 over club games. People like Florin Pavel are growing the game world wide and we thank him for that. His positive outlook on sports and life is infectious.

Before you watch his over below, just know Florin only started playing cricket 8 years ago and is a batsman and a great club man from all reports. Oh and Florin recently broke his leg, pushing through the pain to play.


The European Cricket League 10 over competition is currently being held in... Europe somewhere, Spain actually. Pavel, with his Romanian club team being belted and broadcast to God knows many people, probably millions, Pavel came onto bowl and threw down some heat. Well not quite, 6 pies that went the long handle as the Spanish batters cleared their front dogs and swung for the next suburb. That is not to demean a guy for trying his hardest and most importantly enjoying himself and the game of cricket, I'm not perfect, it's just funny, it was a funny over and I've seen worse in second grade cricket in Australia, hell I think Michael Slater and Mark Taylor spring to mind as having bowled worse overs, but you've just got to admire the bloke for having a red hot crack on TV.

We salute you Florin.

Please keep playing cricket, please keep growing the game in Europe. Beers on us when you're in Australia.