24 runs and the afternoon off

By Aaron Callaghan

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Former Australian opening batsman turned coffee entrepreneur Ed Cowan was not the first to say it but he certainty emphasised it when he said “Cricket is a fickle game”.

Quite often a batsman or two have wanted to set fire to their entire kit even after the cathartic actions of belting the life out of a plastic lawn chair that was minding its own business in the dressing rooms. It is easy to understand how one’s mental resolve would be tested when donning the whites and kitting up to play the genteleme’s game, cricket truly is a test of the space between your ears, the final boss of a video game of concentration.

Perhaps the saving grace for Oman after having been bowled out for 24 in their one day international versus Scotland was that they batted first. The game was over in a few hours and everyone could go home and enjoy the rest of their day. Spend some time with the wife. Mow the lawns. The world is your oyster when you sore 24.

That scoreline in correct, Oman 'batted' for 17 overs scoring the grand total of 24 with Khawar Ali scoring 15 of them. 15 is as good as a century in a total of 24. For Scotland Ruaidhri Smith and Adrian Neil both snared 4-7.

Scotland chased the runs down in 20 balls.  

The silver lining to all this is Oman bear Scotland by 93 runs in the second ODI.  

 Again, crickle is a fickle game.