Warney's Ashes Squad

By Aaron Callaghan

Shane Warner's announces his preferred test squad before each series to his nearly 4 million twitter followers and its a great kick off point to start the discussion.

The first test starts on the 1st of August 2019 at the ultra TV-friendly time of 8pm AEST at the  Edgbaston ground in Birmingham.

England will play a warmup test match versus Ireland at Lords in the preceding week.

Viva la Ireland ....

Warney as always is loudly spoken on issues concerning cricket and absolutely has the right to tell anyone walking this planet his opinion, he has earned that right, having said that let's have a guy who is playing 3rd grade Park cricket and averaging 17 pick his selections apart. For the record I reckon I could keep Warney out for an over or two, no runs, just survival... Unless he drops one short.

A lot to take in there with these selections.


Harris retains his spot and to be fair to Harris he showed excellent promise in the home series on fairly benign pitches. I like picking and sticking, especially in trying to form an opening combination. Harris will have to be patient with that cut shot he loves as much as the Barmy Army love a red-hot pint.

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Khawaja at three ahead of Smith, well I think Smith should bat three but I'm not sure in what position Smith himself feels most confident. Safe to say with the swing Duke ball Smith will be in early enough.

Mathew Wade and his complete lack of Justin Langer elite honesty takes the six spot in Warney's team and I am completely on board with this selection. Wade has been plundering runs at 1990's Martin Love / Jimmy Maher / Matthew Elliot like levels, Wade is at the peak of his batting craft. Select him and select him now. I believe he and the entire Australian team have been humbled in their approach since the sandpaper incident, one only needs to look at Dave Warner to see the change in attitude. Most importantly for Wade, he has scored runs in England recently.

Carey is a future test player, his time will come.


The bowling line up must be;

  • Cummins

  • Lyon

  • Hazelwood and

  • Starc

To select James Pattinson over the four incumbents is Victorian bias and leaning Starc out is well, we know that whole situation with Warney and Starc. I am well aware Pattinson has been collecting poles in England, the big four are still ahead of Pattinson.

Drop your Ashes team in the comments below. I'm particularly interested to hear your batting lineup.