Tackling AFL rule changes

By Aaron Callaghan

Is constant tinkering with the rules of professional sporting codes a good or bad thing? Maybe it makes sense to be constantly adjusting to get the balance right.

The AFL's administrators and rules committee are seemingly always in the headlines attempting to sell their latest hair-brained scheme, everything from increasing goal sizes to roughly the same size a soccer field to their latest, an attempt to reduce tackling.

The Age is reporting that AFL football operations manager Steve Hocking has declared that tackling has become a feature of the game, an overbearing feature and the AFL wants to reduce the emphasis by teams on tackling.

Perhaps the AFL should just have Marvel Stadiums 'behavioural awareness officers' step in and make players aware that tackling is frowned upon, eject players from the ground if necessary, ‘excessive tackling’ is the charge and a $5500 fine.

The AFL’s version of ‘unnecessary roughing’ could just be ‘any roughness’ and the player goes into the penalty box for two minutes.

Ol uncle Gil and his team of ‘au pairs’ running the AFL are doing their best to turn fans away. Let's take a look at the crowds response, the boots on the ground that part with their hard earned each week.




At least Steve and the AFL have one supporter.

The other side of the coin is that opening up the game and increasing game tempo could result in more points and a more exciting product. Maybe Gillon McLachlan and the team down there have data to say the Fortnite playing Millennials and younger will relate more to a fast paced game and be more willing to part with their bitcoin for season tickets.

Who knows? Maybe it’s not all bad is the point.