AFL Opinion: Again, be better.

By  Aaron Callaghan

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Again we need to better.

One shouldn't be writing about the personal abuse received by a sports star on social media, a week after doing so with the Tayla Harris incident and again it's Facebook which as I previously stated is the ass-end of the universe when it comes to intelligent conversation. 

West Coast Eagles midfielder Liam Ryan was racially abused in the comments section of a picture en-captioning his on-field incident during the West Coast Eagles v Brisbane Lions fixture. The comments are completely, 100% derogatory and disgusting comments that have no place in society. We have reached the point where these morons need to be publicly shamed. Out these racists and let the public kangaroo court take care of them. 

Liam Ryan takes a spectacular mark over Max Gawn for his Mark of the Year Contender!

This incident comes a week after the Facebook trolls let their thoughts be known on Tayla Harris' amazing AFLW photo.

Nic Naitanui has vented his frustrations; "These fools need to be held accountable at some stage".

Greater Western Sydney’s Phil Davis also took to Twitter to admonish these animals; 

If you have a trash opinion, write it down on a piece of paper, sit back and enjoy your handy work then throw it all in the bin. 

Again, please be better.