Opinion: The best reply was from Harris herself

By Aaron Callaghan

If you commented something in poor taste on Tayla Harris' wonderful photo - you are a rubbish human being.

Have ten in the bin. 

In my brief stint on planet earth thus far, I’ve realised one thing. It’s really not that hard to be a decent person. Its even easier to not be a total piece of shit. As a collective, and especially those commenting on the photo of Harris, we need to be better.

Tayla Harris

Channel 7 AFL removed the photo (above) due to the vile comments on the photo. The comments were mainly on Facebook, which is a beast unto itself. Facebook is not a happy place in 2019 and these comments personify everything that is wrong with accessibility of social media platforms for severely unaccomplished people to voice their opinion. It also highlights the vitriol around women's sport by brain dead morons. 

Consider this simple equation; if you don't like women's sport don't watch and don't leave degrading comments. Show some maturity and move on. Perhaps this hit close to home as I have a small daughter (read: Learning to walk as we speak and then hopefully learning to kick a footy) and I would hope for a better future for her. The women's leagues in Australia's major sporting codes all have wonderful role models for young women and a path for women into professional sports for the games we love. We should nurture these role models, grow these codes and build a fan base moving forward. 

Channel Seven's AFL social accounts removal of the photo which was a short sighted decision however understandable in the heat of the moment when looking for a swift PR move. It seems counterproductive to us, as a great photo of a wonderful young athlete gets removed and the slugs having a jab at her remain unpunished. In future, the best way to deal with these shameful comments would be to moderate the idiots making them.

However, that job doesn’t start and stop with 7AFL. Next time you someone doing it, tell them to pull their head in.

Tayla Harris' reply was probably the most pertinent.

Just be better. 

Drop your thoughts on the issue in the comments. Start the conversation.  

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