NRL Grand Final LIVE BLOG - Roosters v Raiders

The 2019 NRL grand final is finally here, after months of pre-season training the house down and the slog of the regular season and scraping through the Origin period it all comes down to two teams the Canberra Raiders as underdogs versus the Sydney Roosters.

NRL Grand Final Live Blog - by Aaron Callaghan

Sorry for the delay in getting the live blog going. I had come technical difficulties.

Sam Verrels crashed over in the 7th minute and Mitchell converted.
— 6 - 0 Roosters 12th minute.

Mitch Aubusson limps off the field with a knee injury. Big loss in defence. The Roosters have the cattle to cover it though.
— 14th minute

Latrell Mitchell penalty goal successsful.

Victor Radley was hit right on the button with a lazy arm hung out by Tapine. Right in Mitchell’s range.
— 8 - nil Rooster - 21st minute

Gus Gould called it by incessantly saying “The Raiders are warming to something” and Jack Wighton crashes over, one pass off the ruck, huge left foot step. Wighton is a devastating ball runner and just carved the Roosters to pieces.

Croker converts after Gus tried his hardest to put the mock on him.
— 8 - 6 Roosters - 21st Minute

INJURY UPDATE: Mitch Aubusson out of the rest of the match, left knee injury.

Sam Verrels still on the field after being originally slated to play only about 20-30 minutes.
— 35th Minute

That’s halftime.

The Roosters go in with an 8 - 6 lead. The Roosters had all the running early on but the Raiders have wrestled back some of the momentum and the game is an absolute arm wrestle. Hard to choose a stand out player so far, perhaps Wighton, Croker or JWH or Cronk for the Roosters.

Gus Gould is still intolerable.
— Half time

Canberra are all over the Roosters to start the second half and have ALL the momentum.

Ricky Stuart must have torn the paint off the walls of the dressing sheds.
— 45th minute.

Cooper Cronk whacks Josh Papalii before he catches the ball. The referee sends it upstairs to the video referee - NO TRY but Cooper Cronk gets 10 in the sin bin for a professional foul - Early tackle.

Papalii probably wouldn’t have scored the try but losing Cronk for 10 minutes hurts the Roosters.

Jarrod Croker converts the penalty shot.

The Riaders have all the running and the Roosters look shot.
— 49th minute.

The Roosters have navigated the Raiders storm unscathed and are holding on. I wonder if that was the Raiders best shot or have they got more in the tank?

8 - All.
— 60th Minute

Latrell Mitchell has been very, very quiet, other than some smart defensive reads on block plays has been very quiet.
— 65th minute

Latrell Mitchell misses a penalty goal shot to put the Roosters ahead.

Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad leaves the field with cramp.
— 68th minute

The Roosters hit the Raiders left edge, Topou makes a break and puts Teddy away under the sticks.

Roosters lead 14 - 8 after Mitchell’s conversion is successful.

The controversial talking point will be that in the preceeding set of six, referee Ben Cummins signalled 6 again, after an aerial contest so Wighton took the tackle and then is forced to hand the ball over.

Wighton was not happy.
— 71st minute.

The Sydney City Eastern Suburbs Roosters are your 2019 NRL Champions. It was a very tense game. An arm wrestle until the end.

14 - 8 over the Canberra Raiders.
— Full Time

Clive Churchill medal winner - Jack Wighton - WOWWWWW. Huge from a losing team.

Wighton was easily the best player on the field tonight.
— Full TIme