An Ode to the Coal Train : Dave Taylor

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Remember the explosive talent that was Dave Taylor who recently retired from all forms of rugby league.


Dave Taylor’s Career

  • Retired from rugby league at 31.

  • Debuting for the Broncos in 2006 - playing 49 games

  • Move to Souths 2009 - 2012 - 63 games.

  • Moved back to Queensland and the Titans playing 58 games 2013 - 2015

  • A season in France at Catalans.

  • And 11 games for Ricky Stuart’s Raiders in 2017

  • 8 Origins for Queensland

  • 1 Kangaroos Test

  • A top 3 NRL nickname

The career of Dave Taylor had everything you want out of an NRL player.

Dave’s career had alleged cocaine use, strange (almost unbelievable) injuries and a rapid decline after being at the highest level of the game and one of the most devastating edge ball runners in the game. Unfortunately today you're more likely to find Davey T working on an actual Coal Train but nonetheless he was a unmatched force in his prime. Nowadays, he's often seen cutting up the dance floor at The Goat in Rockhampton, similar to the way he cut up the Roosters right edge off a kickoff to give Souths the miraculous, after the siren, win in Round 19 2012.

Souths v Roosters - Round 19, 2012.

Souths and Brisbane fans have The Coal Trains beautiful ball playing skills etched into their brains, unfortunately Queensland and Toronto fans not so much.

There has never been anything as thrilling as seeing Big Dave setting up for a chip and chase. It's an extremely low percentage play that Dave made his bread and butter. Unfortunately like Dave eating actual bread and butter he did it 100 times after the point he should have stopped. That point was after 2009 when it was actually somehow working in the Queensland Cup with the Capras. When the least interesting thing in your career is getting injured falling out of bed you know you've had a wild ride.

Enjoy retirement in The Beef Capital big boy. The Unsportsmen salutes you and your wonderful career.

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