The Weekend Shout

Aaron Callaghan

Welcome to my weekend column - The aptly named - ‘Weekend Shout’

It’s the start of the month, we’ll get our apologies out of the way.

This is my first column for a while, my apologies, I was ‘lucky’ enough to get married last weekend, a backyard wedding, therefor the lead up to the wedding has been filled with painting a house, mowing the lawn several times, building tables and most importantly maxing out my credit card.

Secondly, the weekly podcast, our audience is growing nicely and we’re thrilled with how it’s going, the listeners are amazing, if you have any feedback please reach out, now that I’ve buttered you all up, apology number two – We’re sorry we missed this week in an internet culture thirsty for genuine, funny content we dropped the ball, imagine my face when I went to edit the podcast to find we had only recorded 27 minutes of poor audio quality, a podcast lost to the matrix.

Never fear we will be back next week with a great guest.

Winning without counting the costs

“Walk this way, walk this way!!” – Who did it better? Aerosmith or David Warner?

The fall out from Warner’s decision to remove himself from a potentially hostile situation whilst batting and the explanation of his actions by Candice Warner, who has become David’s spokesperson, has been extraordinary. Warner’s walk off in grade cricket can only be described as embarrassingly amateur (read: That’s tough to read coming from a guy averaging 11 for Wyong 3rd grade). The British newspapers have had a field day.

I guess the only way is up from here, oh wait, no down after South Africa takes us 3-0 and India wins 4-0 at home, then from there straight up!

Speaking of attitudes and team culture, the findings of a culture review into Cricket Australia were presented to all and sundry over the last week. The verbiage in the media and punters at large has been a mixed bag, many claiming a clean out is needed, others proclaiming that they don’t care, get the sandpaper three back into the team and business as usual.

Having completely flip-flopped myself on the subject like a good politician I now want a top down clean out, I can deal with losing as long as the team is full of good blokes. I never truly understood sledging on the cricket field? Perhaps I’m in the minority on that one.

I had made the point to fellow Unsportsmen Tom Atkinson that I didn’t care about culture, I cared only about winning, after reflecting on that stance, as stated before it’s not I was raised to play the game.

Where to from now?

A time of transition at Cricket Australia with James Sutherland and Pat Howard expected to see themselves out the door and Chairman David Peever stepping down this week. The new regime will have their work cut out instilling a new culture (read: Instantly cringing when writing that last sentence), organisational direction begins with leadership at the top and now more than ever strong, upstanding mentorship is required, moreover much like a corporation results matter and paper over a lot of cracks during the newly forming regime.

It is now time to open the mailbag and attempt to answer some follower questions.


Answer – Zach, when I was 15 years old I moved over to Maitland from Cessnock. I signed up to play rugby league, I was accepted in as the fat loser kid from Cessnock, delightful, should go well. No one liked me, the coaches barely talked to me. Great.

The season went almost undefeated, we won the grand final 44-0. That evening, by sheer accident or perhaps the team was on a giddy-high from the 44-0 victory (read: Of which I played 5 minutes off the bench in garbage time) they invited me to the team celebration that night.

I stood around taking it all in, I probably snuck in one beer and then my parents picked me up.

I still have that trophy.


Answer – The simple, easy going guy who loved cricket is gone from Sydney’s western suburbs, a housing commission boy done good, engulfed by the eastern suburbs fame monster, I call it fame-blor and it has enslaved David. On the other hand, we’ve all played grade cricket, we all hated it and let’s face it a good personal sledge is probably enough for me to bail on Wyong 3rds.

There is only one way to answer (b) in 2018 as not to offend any inner-city leftie snowflakes. First take a monotone voice to avoid triggering anyone and repeat after me.

“Bullying has no place in society and any aggressive behaviour toward another being, not assuming gender, is wrong and should be admonished”


Answer – 16 off your first is a good start. Plenty to be keen on, batsman played a few on the up, risky shots, definity warranted a second over.

“Got him playing all round it here Pete”

“Oooooooooo nice Peterrrrrr”

“Send him back here Peterrrrr, he’s been here too long. This blokes wants some shade and a sitdown”

Ahhh I hate myself for playing park cricket.


Answer – Tom and myself did a great 5 minutes on this on our latest podcast ……. Fuck, we’re hopeless. From memory my selections were;

* Chris Sandow getting 600K off Parramatta, proceeding to put on 27 kilos and being probably the worst half back in the competition at that time.

* Matt Rogers by the ARU – Cost us the 2003 Rugby World Cup.

* Any Newcastle Jets ‘marquee’ signing from South America, turning up fat, out of shape and completely different than their profile picture suggested.


Answer – You never run up the score. Sit your best players to avoid injury. Steve Kerr is a first ballot hall of fame coach already. In Kerr we trust.

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